With the Grain
Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine Bottle Stoppers

The first picture is a wine bottle stopper made from a block of Redwood Burl. The word 'burl' is a diseased growth on a tree. It contains beautiful grain patterns and colors that are not commonly seen in the regular grain of the tree.

The second is made from a wood called Osage Orange. It is a fruit bearing tree, and is most commonly found in the South Eastern range of North America.

The third is made from Olive wood. It is most commonly found in Europe and Northern Africa.

The metal stopper's are made of food grade stainless steel and won't corrode or rust. The wood is sealed using a multi-step process to prevent the wood from cracking, and preserve it's beauty.

I can create customized stoppers as well, you specify the wood and shape.

Contact me today to start customizing yours!

Some of the wood I currently have available are:
Curly Walnut
Quilted Maple
Olive wood
Osage Orange
Red Palm
Myrtle wood
* Other woods available upon request

25 USD